domingo, janeiro 15, 2006

From the womb of the night...

From the womb of the night
cometh the light
with promises of new beginnings.
And the memory of stars
sheds a mysterious glow
into small, everyday things.

Everything is full of Magic
when the Breath becomes the Power
of the Love that binds us all.
And the Magic is the Beauty,
the simplicity of Nature,
sights and sounds and smells
and Love.

And the Magic becomes stronger
the simpler our life becomes,
for an empty hand can give
so much more than all the riches
if it's filled with Loving Light,
if it travels with new Wings.

Through clean waters
and fresh breeze
do we refresh these
our bodies,
Garments of Light and of Sound.

And by pronnouncing the Words
create new Worlds of Becoming
re-creating our World.

Anticipating the future
we live in the Present Moment
just being whole and transparent,
so that the Magic in Nature
can fill our hearts with the Love
that shows the Wisdom inside...

So that the Magic won't hide
the Glory of LOVE BECOMING
the Splendour
of Loving LIGHT.


(Photo by Isabel of the Magic Mist of a Foggy Morning at the Country side...)

Within us, serenity...

Within each one of us there is a silent space which can fully regenerate us. We should have enought time to allow it to manifest. Within each of us there is everything that there is all over the Cosmos. Only when there is serenity can we access a totaly "other" dimension.

When we breath deeply, we sit calmly and let all the vivifying ingredients that roam the atmosphere penetrate our whole Being. We will see that it is not only the mind that winds down, but also all our body, all our cells purifying themselves and getting thus to function better and more harmoniously.

Why not make sure that every day we keep this quality time for ourselves? If we try this daily, at least for 10 to 15 minutes, we will soon discover that our body and our whole Being will function a lot better.

José António

(Photo by Isabel at São Pedro de Muel beach, Portugal)


Be empty:

Like a wind
that passes freely
without grabbing anything.

Be free:

For freedom is the silence
where you can cease to be
so small,
so tired,
so scared of being ONE
with Life itself.

As one awakening
to a fresh new day
just BE;

As one observing
without previous thought
just SEE;

As one who LOVES
without a selfish centre
just shed the LIGHT
that gives you Life and Wings.

And with these Wings
become the Bird
that flies the World
with just one vision,

A centre of all Space,
a moment of all Time,
a Self without a centre
and, in the Heart of all
a point of FULL AWARENESS,
a HOME without a home.
A Heart that is all places,
all times and every dream,
a Wing made just of Light
that shadows everything...

Just BE...


(Photo by Isabel of Seaguls flying together at Nazaré beach, Portugal)

A moment of reflection...

"Sometimes, the most important thing we do in a whole day, lies in the pause between two breaths". Etty Hillesum

In the midst of all the confusion of a day (work, traffic, not enough time for lunch, problems with the kids, the TV "crap" we more or less have to endure) how refreshing it is to have a break! To make silence. Real, utter silence. To breath in and out fully and slowly, even if just for a few minutes at a time...

Any place is a good place for this pause. In the bus, cooking dinner, before going to bed, etc.. For as long as we can STOP the external noise and lissen to what there is inside us, in the depth of our BEING.

José António

(Photo by Isabel)

Life is a Pilgrimage...

Life is a Pilgrimage
in between mirrors
(illusions of self
portrayed everywhere,
in a giant, amazing puzzle).

Walking and looking,
touching and tasting,
smelling and listening,
confronted with life and living,
the quest for Happiness

Like a spider
weaving it's web tirelessly,
fate awaits at every step
with new awakening.
Each challenge a new mirror,
each "self" only a mask
hiding the Real.

Each tear or smile
just moments of a Game
where "Self" is all the actors.
And where does that leave "self"?

Empty shell by the shore,
washed away by the sea,
"self" slips off, into the womb
of Eternity.
Whence it came, it will go...
But who will ever know
who is the "Self" inside me?


(Photo by Isabel of wondrous skies over Lisbon)

Reality is more than our eyes can see...

Until we understand that REALITY is not merely what our eyes can see, even if using a microscope or a telescope, we will always miss a part of ourselves, our Soul and Spirit, which are as REAL as anything that exists.

The "matter" of which their are made is so subtle that cannot be seen by physical eyes. Scientists may even call it "black matter", since their scientific tools are unable to "see" what it is... Maybe in future science will come ever closer to metaphysics and discover new aspects of Reality.

José António

(Photo by Isabel - Apocaliptic skies at Cabo da Roca, the Westernmost cape of Europe!).

Ray of Light...

Ray of light,
A seagul cuts the sky
In it's upward flight...
Its cry is alive and fresh.

The seagull's eyes
See the world in a different shape:
Light and blue waters
Heights of rock casting a shadow...

The seagull flies
Unconcerned by any worries,
Any ties...

Freedom made flesh,
A piece of light across the blue,
The seagul flies.


(Photo of a seagull flying over the Atlantic seashore in Portugal)

A moment of full awareness...

Krishnamurti says that thought is memory, and that the experience kept by memory is as dead as a leaf from last Automn.

We can only overcome this state of affairs when we give our FULL ATTENTION to the PRESENT. Without comments. Only the fullest attention.

There, in the moment of silence that suddenly dawns, maybe we can discover something NEW.

José António

(Photo by José António of a marvellous sunset at Nazaré...)

Things I like...

The fresh morning air
the smell of cut grass
the sight of young children
the sound of their laugh...
The smell of the rain
in the moist earth and leaves,
the sight of your smile,
which moves and intrigues...
The eyes of our dog,
the ways of our cats...
The steps of our children
running sweeftly upstairs.
The sound of their play
the smell of their skin...
The laughter, the rows,
all their sweet little things.
The mornings of peace
during week-end oasis,
when the chimming of bells
from the school church awake us.
The look that you give me,
so early in the morning
when the sun is not up yet
and the moon is in hidding..
A thousand little things,
but life is made of these...

As I go, I will take
the memories of this:
our common, lovely place,
our shared, loving peace.


(Photo by Isabel of the Home Fire...)

Time to show up!

Dear Friends,

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Isabel and José António

(Photo of burning skies over Lisbon by Isabel)