domingo, agosto 30, 2009

RIP Ted Kennedy

Dear Ted Kennedy,

Growing up an Aquarian in the Sixties made me very early aware of the wide world, even though I was growing up in the westernmost European country in Europe, Portugal.

From watching man's landing on the Moon, age seven (which meant a special authorization from Father to stay up all night, due to time difference in Portugal) to all that went on happening in our world, you and your Family became a PRESENCE in my life very early and never left it.

I see through any of your flaws - would you be a real HUMAN BEING if you did not have them? But GREATER are your undeniable QUALITIES and your SPIRIT OF SERVICE to MANKIND.
Listening to the episode of the refuzeniks I could only feel how GLOBAL a citizen you were. I miss you already. May your Soul go on to ever greater accomplishments.



(This text was first left as a comment on - the photo is mine and merely means to uplift our thoughts... taken from the sky...)