segunda-feira, janeiro 25, 2010

Lisboa, the Eternal City experienced in the feminine

Every time I walk through the City, it becomes apparent that it is ALIVE!

It has its own ways, moods and atmosphere...

All you have to do to discover them, is to walk through its streets, using all your senses...

There is such a JOY in the incredible LIGHT that bathes this City!
The streets stroll down its seven hills, with their colourful houses,
the trees and the pervasive sounds of LIFE all around...

In perpetual games of light and shadow, this Mysterious, Feminine Being reveals itself...
Its Beauty canot but be perceived by the one who looks and sees!

All the nuances of colour, light, warmth, perfumed wind and lively sounds wrap us in
their embrace... It is like a trip to an undetermined time - somewhere in the past,
and yet incredibly close to the heart-beat, happening now, right now!

A City shared by so many...
Not only the women and men, but all those from Past Memories and Future Dreams,
the Citizens of the City in the Becoming...
If only the stones of the city could speack, what stories would they tell!
With passion and luminous clarity would they tell us of their age old stories...
(Text and photos by Isabel)

sábado, janeiro 02, 2010


Sending you all my very BEST SEASONAL GREETINGS for 2010!

Because these sincere wishes are self evident, instead of a long text, let me just share with you some beautifull picturs of Lisbon.


2nd. January 2010, Lisboa

(Photos by Isabel)