domingo, janeiro 15, 2006

Things I like...

The fresh morning air
the smell of cut grass
the sight of young children
the sound of their laugh...
The smell of the rain
in the moist earth and leaves,
the sight of your smile,
which moves and intrigues...
The eyes of our dog,
the ways of our cats...
The steps of our children
running sweeftly upstairs.
The sound of their play
the smell of their skin...
The laughter, the rows,
all their sweet little things.
The mornings of peace
during week-end oasis,
when the chimming of bells
from the school church awake us.
The look that you give me,
so early in the morning
when the sun is not up yet
and the moon is in hidding..
A thousand little things,
but life is made of these...

As I go, I will take
the memories of this:
our common, lovely place,
our shared, loving peace.


(Photo by Isabel of the Home Fire...)