domingo, janeiro 15, 2006

Life is a Pilgrimage...

Life is a Pilgrimage
in between mirrors
(illusions of self
portrayed everywhere,
in a giant, amazing puzzle).

Walking and looking,
touching and tasting,
smelling and listening,
confronted with life and living,
the quest for Happiness

Like a spider
weaving it's web tirelessly,
fate awaits at every step
with new awakening.
Each challenge a new mirror,
each "self" only a mask
hiding the Real.

Each tear or smile
just moments of a Game
where "Self" is all the actors.
And where does that leave "self"?

Empty shell by the shore,
washed away by the sea,
"self" slips off, into the womb
of Eternity.
Whence it came, it will go...
But who will ever know
who is the "Self" inside me?


(Photo by Isabel of wondrous skies over Lisbon)